Waldorf microQxR Change Log

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    Our company & plug-in has nothing to do with Waldorf Music GmbH, so please don’t bug them if you encounter issues with the plug-in.

    Support and plugin updates are free for life to anyone who has bought the license from our store.

    Future Plans:

    • Ability to import single Patches and Multis to librarian.
    • Ability to import Largo patches to librarian.
    • Create own format to include all 16 parts in single multi for better recalling.

    Waldorf microQxR AudioUnit & VST Editor / Librarian Plug-in


    Download update

    Version 1.0.6 / 2020-01-02

    * [MAC] Support for macOS Catalina. User data moved to /Library/Audio/Presets/Mystery Islands Music/(plugin-name)/ folder. User must manually copy sound data from old /Documents/Mystery Islands Music/ folder to the new location.
    * [New] Librarian Bank Edit Menu has a new item called "Open DATA folder" which will open the current plug-in data folder.

    Version 1.0.5 / 2019-07-24

    * [New] Factory Banks included from Waldorf Music website: 2000 and 2001.
    * [New] Request Interval has a new range of 50ms, 75ms, 100ms, 150ms, 200ms, 300ms, 400ms, 500ms. Default is set to 100ms. When writing data to hardware, it is suggested to use 150ms interval (by us).
    * [Fixed] Resolved issue where SysEx checksum was not calculated properly in some cases.
    * [Fixed] Resolved issue where preset 100 was not selectable.
    * [Fixed] Resolved issue where "Abort Process" button was not shown while storing data to hardware and while request data from hardware.
    * [Fixed] Resolved issue where plugin failed to load banks with device ID 127.
    * [Fixed] Resolved issue where patch bank were not processed properly after converting them from Q or blofeld format.
    * [Fixed] Resolved issue where categories were only shown from a pre-set range. Now all files are scanned for categories and they are all added to category filtering menu.
    * [Other] A few more tweaks to Bank / Patch conflict system to make it better.

    Version 1.0.4 / 2019-07-11

    * [New] If MIDI I/O is auto set from previous session, plug-in will auto request global data to establish the connection with right global settings.
    * [Fixed] Plug-in will no longer crash when clicking "save part to slot" in librarian.
    * [Other] "save data to slot" button is not lit when lower patch selection list is active in librarian.

    Version 1.0.3 / 2019-07-05

    * [Fixed] Resolved issue where Checksum was not properly calculated for outgoing data.
    * [Fixed] Resolved issue where Experimental MIDI Clock crashed Ableton Live.
    * [Fixed] Resolved issue where "Abort Process" button was not responding while requesting patches / multi data from microQ.
    * [Fixed] Resolved issue where Tempo was not properly synced to DAW tempo.
    * [Fixed] Resolved issue where MIDI clock data was not accurate when clock was turned on at Advanced MIDI Settings page.
    * [Other] Some minor graphical updates, which you might not note...

    Version 1.0.2 / 2019-06-21

    * [Fixed] Resolved issue where control display color was set to black on blue UI skin selection.

    Version 1.0.1 / 2019-06-20

    * [Fixed] Resolved issue where filter link switch did not display value on other than part 1.
    * [Fixed] Resolved issue where filter link trigger overdrove control display on other than part 1.
    * [Fixed] Resolved issue where SysEx files were not recognized as Q or Blofeld patches when scanning folders.
    * [Fixed] Resolved issue where patch up and down buttons did not work as expected in mini-mixer view.
    * [Fixed] Resolved issue where some menu items did not update accordingly.
    * [New] Resizable GUI. Choose GUI scaling ratio from the drop down menu and re-load the plug-in or project to see the changes.
    * [New] Librarian Search. User can now search through patches in Patch Librarian view.
    * [New] Patch & Bank conflict warning system. This means that when ever parts share same bank & program number info, it will warn the user of such action. This function is great when data is being recalled to synth since it would overwrite the buffer with another parts data.
    * [New] Bank and Patch Number display. Browse hardware banks / patches OR Librarian banks / patches from the main UI.
    * [New] Browse Banks and Patches from Plug-in GUI without entering Librarian view. If Library Control is toggled on, user can browse banks and patches of librarian without having to enter the librarian itself.
    * [New] Saving mechanism update for GUI data to librarian has been improved. Now there is a single button in Librarian view to store GUI data on currently selected slot of Librarian view. User still has to Overwrite the bank or Save As under a new bank name for safety measure.
    * [New] Browse Patches sorted by Category in Patch Librarian.
    * [New] Multi level subfolder support for Patch Librarian.
    * [New] Improved MIDI and SysEx handling.
    * [New] Advanced MIDI filters.
    * [Update] Improved Link Manager.
    * [Update] Fix for Filter Link switch on recall.

    Version 1.0.0 / 2018-01-28

    * [Fixed] Fixed all multi and all single patch request methods.
    * [Fixed] Included proper MIDI header data to Save As and Overwrite methods.
    * [Update] New approach to splitting huge MIDI file to smaller ones so librarian can read them.

    Version 0.9.8 RC1 / 2017-11-24

    * Release Candidate 1

    Put your setup details in the signature to help us understand your setup, thank you!

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