Korg microKxR Editor & Librarian Plug-in

Frequently Asked Questions

Category: Plug-in License

Why plug-in says reload license after copying license to right folder?

How do I add the license.key for the plug-in to register?

UPDATE 2020-April-03

license.key needs to be located in:

[ WINDOWS ] \”login username”\Documents\Mystery Islands Music\”plug-in name”\
[ macOS * ] /Library/Audio/Presets/Mystery Islands Music/”plug-in name”/

…in order to register. Reload your project or plug-in instance in order to validate.

  • Access VirusHC still needs to locate the license.key in ~/Documents/Mystery Islands Music/”plug-in name”/ until macOS Catalina supported release is ready!

I just purchased the plug-in, where can I download the license?

Do I need a internet connection to activate the plug-in?

Can I use my license on multiple computers?

Can I transfer my license to someone else or include it when I sell the synth?