PulseX – Installing the plug-in, license.key and additional banks (Mac)

Installing the plug-in

Now that you’ve downloaded the FULL version or DEMO version of our plug-in, we will run the setup process on macOS platform. (Windows setup in next post).

In your downloads folder, you should see


Run archiver tool to unzip the package and installer pkg should appear in the folder.

Installer files located in /Users/(username)/Downloads/

Once the unzip is done, you can double click the installer to start the install process.

Setup step 1
Setup step 2 – read through the Read Me section
Setup step 3 – read through the End-User License Agreement
Setup step 4 – Accept or Deny the agreement
Setup step 5
Setup step 6 – Type in your password and click Install Application
Setup step 7 – All done!

Download and Install License.key

If you installed the FULL version, download your personal license.key from https://www.mysteryislands-music.com/my-account/orders/ (and click the order number which contains the plug-in purchase).

Download the license.key from the green box and make sure it is called license.key in your HDD. If the license.key has additional .txt extension in it, remove it so that is says license.key.

Copy license.key before starting your DAW to

/Users/yourUserName/Documents/Mystery Islands Music/Waldorf PulseX Editor/ 

Now that installer has completed its tasks, you can open up your favorite DAW and it will scan the plug-in.

license.key should be placed in /Users/(username)/Documents/Mystery Islands Music/Waldorf PulseX Editor/ folder

Download and Install additional Banks

If you wish to add custom banks for your synthesizer, you can copy them in to Patches folder. User presets are hardcoded to be read and saved to:

/Users/yourUserName/Documents/Mystery Islands Music/Waldorf PulseX Editor/Patches/

So, if you have any Pulse, Pulse+ or Pulse 2 sound banks, you should copy them there. PulseX will scan the folder up on initialization and convert them to PulseX format.

You can also find the plug-in log file from this location, if we may require it in any case of support.

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