PulseX – Prepare your DAW for our plug-in (Mac)

DAW Settings

Before we jump ahead to launch our DAW, lets do some tweaks in our system to ensure the plug-in can work with maximum efficiency.

  • Open Audio MIDI Setup in macOS and add new external MIDI device.
  • Device name: Pulse+ (or Pulse)
  • Manufacturer: Waldorf
  • Model: Pulse+ (or Pulse)
  • Enable channel 1 for receiving and transmitting data.
  • Click apply and close.

Now lets do some wiring, so the DAW sees your Pulse+/Pulse as a device in DAW.

  • Take the arrow pin (upwards ie MIDI out) from the External MIDI Device and drag it to your MIDI interface input port which you’ve wired.
  • Now do the same thing from MIDI Interface out port to External MIDI Device input.

Once you’ve done the cabling, your setup should be ready. Here is mine!

Cable jungle!

First run / Plug-in scan

Ok, all the wiring is done (phew!) so we can safely open our DAW and start the plug-in scanning process.

If the plug-in scan fails, please open the Editor LOG file and check if it ends to reading a patch file like this:

PATCH LIBRARIAN: loaded file /Users/janikervinen/Documents/Mystery Islands Music/Waldorf PulseX Editor/Patches/Soundset X.pls

If that is the case, move the Soundset X.mid or .pls to another location and try to scan the plug-in again. If it fails again, redo the process until the scan is successful.

In our next step, we will take a look at the DAW settings in detail, before starting the ultimate tweaking!

Can’t see tutorial for your DAW? Contact us and we will see what we can do!

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