Waldorf Pulse2X Librarian Edit Menus (Chapter 4)

User Manual Chapter 4 – Librarian Edit Menus

for Waldorf Pulse2X Editor & Librarian plug-in by Mystery Islands Music

v1.0.1 – 2020-03-30

Working with Patches

In this part we are going to explain the different functions of the librarian BANK EDIT MENU, RIGHT CLICK MENU & Dran’g’drop. You can easily request, store and manage your files and access other useful functions like importing data, registering the plug-in etc.

BANK EDIT MENU [1] is only accessiable in the PATCH LIBRARIAN view.

Bank Edit Menu

Request Patch Data

  • from Active Slot to Plug-in GUI
    • Requests temporary Patch data from Pulse 2, to the plug-in user interface.
  • from Active Slot to Librarian
    • Requests temporary Patch data from plug-in user interface to currently selected librarian slot.
  • from Selected Program Slot & Bank
    • Requests Patch data from Pulse 2 memory based on the currently selected Librarian slot and current Bank selection.
      Example: If “slot 001” in librarian view and “P.0” from BANK DISPLAY is selected, program number 1 from Pulse 2 bank 1 will be requested. In other words; P.001
  • Patches from 001-100 … 401-500
    • Requests all Patch programs from selected bank selection. With Pulse 2 os v1.20, request will hang after first 10 programs are requested from 401-500 request selection.

NOTE #1 All librarian data requests will be made to the left Patch program view window as explained earlier!

Store Patch Data

  • To Currently Selected Slot & Bank
    • Writes selected librarian slot patch to currently selected BANK slot in Pulse 2 memory.
      Ie: If “slot 001” and BANK DISPLAY “P.0” is selected, program number 1 will be overwritten in that bank location. In other words; P.001
  • All Patches to P001 – P100 … P401 – 500
    • Writes all patches from active bank to selected bank destination in Pulse 2.
      Example: If “All Patches to P101 – P200” is selected, all patches will be overwritten in that bank location.

NOTE #1: Bank from active program view will be used to send data to Pulse 2. So, if you have active slot selection in right Patch program view, then single Patch or all Patches from right Patch program view will be written to your Pulse 2 depending which option you choose from the Bank Edit Menu.

TIP #1: If you have search active and you have some search results in the list, those search results can be stored to hardware too!

Sync Current Data from HW

  • This option will request the entire Patch and System settings from your Pulse 2 to the plug-in user interface. Acts like “SYNC DATA FROM HW” button.

Push Current Data to HW

  • This option will push your current plug-in user interface settings to the hardware temp memory. Acts like “PUSH DATA TO HW” button.

Save (Overwrite current bank)

  • This option will overwrite your currently chosen bank in the Left Program View. In this case we would overwrite “Pulse2 Factory Soundset Singles 1.mid” permanently!

Save As…

  • Standard MIDI (*.mid)
    • Writes the current left Patch Program bank as Standard MIDI (*.mid) file to your HDD.
  • Pulse2X Format (*.pl2)
    • Writes the current left Patch Program bank as PL2 formatted (*.PL2) file to your HDD.

NOTE #1: In order to view the written bank, always store your banks to Patches folder / sub-folder in it.

NOTE #2: You can choose the bank name after selected option is chosen. Keep the bank name simple!


  • Standard MIDI (*.mid)
    • Import Standard MIDI files to Librarian. See notes below!
  • SysEx (*.syx / *.pl2)
    • Import System Exclusive / Pulse2X PL2 files to Librarian. See notes below!

NOTE #1: Librarian will only import data to librarian if the file contains Waldorf Pulse 2 formatted Patches.

NOTE #2: Single Patch import is not currently supported.

Refresh Folders

  • If you have made changes to the Patches folder outside the plug-in, you can click Refresh Folders to reload the Patches folder content and rebuild the menu structures.

Register Plug-in… / REGISTERED

  • If you installed FULL version of our plug-in, you must register the plug-in in order to make total recall work and to be able to write data to your synthesizer. A new dialog will open when Register Plug-in… is chosen so you can locate the license.key. Once you have selected your license.key and confirmed it, remove the plug-in from the instrument channel and reload it. Now the plug-in will indicate that the plug-in is REGISTERED. If not, head down to our support pages and contant support immediately!

Open Data Folder

  • Open Data Folder will open the plug-in data folder based on you OS. If you run macOS, different location is opened than with Windows. See data location notes earlier in the manual!
    This User Manual, Patches folder and license.key is located in the Data folder!


  • Opens About window. Click anywhere in the window to close it.

Right click Menu

In this section we are gonna go through how to use the right click menu functions in the librarian.

Copy & Paste

Use the right Patch program view to copy content to your plug-in clipboard. Menu will open up once you click right mouse button. You can not paste or otherwise manipulate data on the right view at all, it is one way operation.

To Paste data, click any of the program slots in left view and right click to choose operation, in this case Paste. See image below.

When Paste is chosen on slot 002 in left program view, it will Paste the copied clipboard data to that slot.

You must then overwrite your bank or discard any changes if you don’t wish to keep them. There is no UNDO!

Rename Patch

To rename a Patch in Librarian view, you must right click, choose Rename and a new window will appear where you can input your desired program name. Once new name is in, click enter to apply. If this is your first rename, then Discard button will lit up indicating that your bank has been modified. Overwrite your bank or Save As a new bank.

Set Category

Set Category allows you to set a category for the currently selected patch with right click menu function. Again, discard button will be lit up indicating your bank has been modified. Continue with edits, overwrite or save bank as.

Initialize Slot

Initialize Slot will initialize the current librarian slot to “default” patch. You can then rename it if you wish or send it to your hardware with double clicking the item.

Again, discard button will be lit up indicating your bank has been modified. Continue with edits, overwrite or save bank as.

Get DATA from…

  • Plug-in (active patch)
    Requests active Patch from plug-in user interface to selected librarian slot
  • Hardware Edit Buffer
    Requests active Patch from Pulse 2 Edit buffer to selected librarian slot
  • Hardware by Prog No.
    Requests Patch from Pulse 2 memory location determined by the slot number.


To copy & paste data faster than using the right click menu, you can also drag’n’drop patches in the librarian view. See image below where I am dragging AUTOBAHN BASS from right program view to left program view. While dragging is ongoing, you will see the light gray box indicating where your mouse is positioned. Once you let go, it will place the selected data to that location.

Once drag’n’drop is done, you can see how AUTOBAHN BASS is now on left program view slot 004 [1] and Discard[2] button is lit to indicate that you have unsaved changes in your bank.

Note #1: Patches can be dragged only from RIGHT list to LEFT list. No limitations in location, just the fact that dragging works from Right to Left.

Note #2: You can change patch bank in RIGHT list as you go along with your bank customization.

Note #3: After drag and drop is complete, Discard button will be lit up indicating that the current bank has been changed. Now you can overwrite or save as under a desired name.

Done! Now, take me to…

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