Waldorf Pulse2X Troubleshooting (Chapter 5)

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This is most likely the first place where you come up. Well, we have some great news for you in this order:

  1. Read this manual, and
  2. Read this manual again!

Now if you still have trouble with your Pulse 2 and the plug-in, it is time to check out the possible solutions.

I can’t get my Pulse 2 to function with the plug-in!

  • Check your audio cables and make sure they are connected as required.
    • Audio outputs from Pulse 2 to your soundcard inputs.
    • Activate monitoring / recording to your audio channel to hear sound.
  • Check your MIDI cables and make sure they are connected as required.
    • MIDI out from Pulse 2 has to be connected to your MIDI interface input terminal.
    • MIDI in at your Pulse 2 has to be connected to your MIDI interface output terminal.
  • Make sure your license is valid. Plug-in displays “REGISTERED” when the license is ok.

Plug-in crashes my DAW when I’m trying to save bank data!

  • Make sure your patches folder exists and that you have rights to write to it.

If you still can’t get your Pulse 2 to make the “handshake” with the plug-in, you can open a Support Thread at our support site. The best way for us to solve your problem is when you send us a little video of what you try to achieve and how you try to do it. Send us a private youtube link in the thread or upload a video in our service.

If you have validation errors, we hope you will open a thread with the crash log and full specs of your current system. This way it’s much easier and faster for us to solve your issue.

TIP #4: Always keep your account up to date with your name, email and address details – otherwise the license generation will not work! So, fill in ALL your details before contacting us.

Our support is open 24/7 and we intend to reply on all support threads within 48 hours.

Support portal + FAQ : https://help.mysteryislands-music.com/

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Plug-in updates: https://www.mysteryislands-music.com/downloads/

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If you want us to make cool plug-ins more, read the manual for the third time and let us focus on what we do the best: Develop more control plug-ins for hardware synthesizers.

Final Words

We would like to that you all for your support prior to the development of this plug-in.

We hope you will enjoy the advantages this plug-in brings to your everyday production workflow and we hope that you will purchase the full license to our plug-in from our own store.

Development of this plug-in has taken a lot time, including over 70 000 lines of deep C++ coding, thousands of cups of coffee and endless hours with the graphical user interface.

Coding: Jani Kervinen
Graphics: Jani Kervinen
Patches: Jani Kervinen
Manual: Jani Kervinen

More to come, stay safe and make some music!


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