Support update!

Hey folks!

We have some great news regarding to our Support and some bad news too.

Lets start with the bad ones;

Forums will be deprecated and we will close all topics for about a month / two before removing forums completely.

Good news;

Support will continue, but with a lot better way: Ticket system. Product users can now open a support ticket from -> Support -> My Tickets in regards of your purchase. This is a lot better way for us to follow up stuff and keep track of issues etc.

Based on the ticket data, we will update our guides and docs if there is something wrong. We have online chat too, where I am personally online every day. If I’m not available, leave a message there and I will get back to you when I login again.

There is no denying that our forums is already out-dated, hard to read and follow along in terms of support. We like transparency, there is no denying that and forums has helped lots of users to date.

It is time to move on and take things to next level with less effort on both sides. We hope you understand.

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